I met my husband when I was 15 1/2 years old in Bakersfield, Ca. I had recently left my grandparents care and was living with my mother in a not so great neighborhood and felt like Paris Hilton in Compton. I learned a lot about a life that I had no idea people really lived. I should write a book called “From Thousand Oaks to Oildale”, if you are familiar with these California cities you know what I’m sayin’ 🙂  Anyway, John Rowe was a good friend of a guy I liked name Mike Cornell, (who now lives in Ridgecrest or Inyokern I believe) John was so damn sexy, and still is. We’ve been through so much as best friends, lovers, parents, and as middle aged married people. I love him and I trust him implicitly. Sometimes he’s quiet but Ive learned to appreciate that about him, small talk isn’t always purposeful. We eloped and were married on December 2, 1989 in Las Vegas, NV. Our daughter Brittanie was 5 months old at the time. Its the best thing I ever did, its the thing in my life that’s always been steady, and rock solid. Yes, we’ve had issues to work through, but I never really believed that we couldn’t work through them, because when two people love each other, the rest is just details. I really believe that.

Here is a photo of my husband John:

John Rowe (and a puppy he nearly brought home)

John and I grocery shopping, as usual 🙂

2 Responses to “My Husband”

  1. Dena White Says:

    You two make a very nice couple! Love the puppy…the little white one John is holding…LOL!

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