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I’m sorry it’s been so long since I’ve given attention to my blog! I really used to look forward to having my thoughts and opinions out for myself and others to read. This seems so awkward… but usually once I get started it just all starts flowing out. So much has happened since October of last year, it would take me hours to tell you all about everything, but here it is in a nutshell.

I went to my husbands 25th High School reunion in February, what a weird disaster that turned out to be, not that night itself but all the goings on afterward, Ive been diagnosed with a mood disorder and i’m currently in therapy, and taking mood stabilizing drugs. My Fibromyalgia is tolerable, and not the main focus of my life, although the pain persists, and the discomfort is disheartening sometimes.

I’ve found new outlets for my Atheism, (online) friends with like beliefs and ideas, and I enjoy the freethinkers in my life very much. It ticks me off that Christians sucked me in to believing craziness, and that I just wanted to be accepted by the Jesus club, but ya know, ya live you learn, you research, you use common sense, and you move on from the theological brainwashing being done to the masses around the world!

My husband and I are having a very hard time communicating. I’m in therapy learning how to figure out my life and the people in it and he is just content sticking his head in the proverbial sand, and Its hard to accept, that he wont communicate any of his feelings, besides whats for dinner and did you start the laundry. Seriously, I know he has a deep ocean, but its all walled up, for his protection, not mine. I get that, but at the same time, I’m 43 years old and tired of the status quo, I deserve better, and so does he. We are making plans for couples therapy, and that should be very interesting, very.

My kids are doing pretty well, Britt is on her own and happy, Hayleigh lives at home still and has a serious boyfriend, and C.J. has been dealing with depression, but he started a great medication that has him feeling great. I’m leaving out some drama here, because really, I just don’t want to deal with it today, maybe another day, understandable right?

The pets are all doing well… 🙂 Hayleigh has a new dog named Zelda, aka Poopy, she is 4 months old now and is an Australian Shepherd/Fox Terrier mix and as cute as you ever saw. One of her eyes is partly blue, shes a hot mess! LOL

Well that’s it in general, for now except to say that I’ll have some political posts coming soon, and will be posting regularly.

Life is good!

aka Poopy~


Ive found a solution for my fatigue.

AWESOME! I went to the beach for the sunset last night thanks to this stuff 🙂

Thank You LDN for letting me add this beauty to my life 🙂

Gulf Shores State Beach, Gulf Shores, Alabama 8/20/2010

Use by permission only.

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Hello friends! I’ve been on my LDN (Low-Dose Naltrexone) for nearly 3 weeks now and I must say, its blissful. Yes, I’ve had side effects like waking up at 3am with an adrenaline/endorphine rush, a very dry mouth, intermittent diarrhea, and stomach cramps and tenderness, BUT… I can move again! I did a silly tap dance yesterday and sprained my ankle! LOL its sore, but I did a tap dance with a small heel…(Which I don’t recommend) LOL I feel much more clear headed and still need an afternoon nap on most days. I still feel like I’m overdoing myself, and have to remember to keep “pacing” myself, but most of my “all over” body pain has subsided. I just wanna yell from the rooftops about how LDN has helped me regain a life again, where as before I wanted and wished I would just die in my sleep. Sad but true!
The reason I havnt blogged more regularly is because I got a NEW Blackberry! The T-mobile 9700! I’m in love, love, love with it 🙂 Anyywayy, I had forgotton to install WordPress for BB, so I can blog anytime from my cell… Which is the shit by the way! The other reason is because I’ve been feeling so much better, getting back out into the world, driving, shopping, ya know… Normal stuff people do that I havnt been able to do in such a long time! I do apologize to the 7 people who log in regularly to see what I’m up to.. (Hi Nate) 🙂 So… As you can tell I’m doing much, MUCH better thanks to my new Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (FM/CFS/ME) drug cocktail, Cymbalta, Lyrica, Trazodone, LDN, Omega 3 Fish Oil, and Aleve. That’s what I have to take daily to have a semblence of a normal life. Do I like taking 6 medications daily to be able to get out of bed and function… Oh HELL NO I don’t… But I take them anyway, because life is short and I want to live as much of it feeling as well as possible as I can!
Another topic I wanna cover is “ALLI” aka Zenical… Wynonna Judd has been pushing this diet drug for about a year or two now, and apparently she’s not just a spokesperson, she’s a client, because she’s lost weight and looks awesome…. BUT…. I heard on the news last night its been causing liver damage in several users, even causing the need for transplants. Sad the things we people do to be thin. So all you ALLI users out there, spread the word and tell your friends… Zenical IS NOT the answer… Unless you have a liver donor nearby waiting to hand one over 🙂
And once again… LIFE “is” GOOD!


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