June 2012

I really don’t post on this blog that often anymore, If you want to find me and keep up with what is my life, you can find me on Facebook:   https://www.facebook.com/iampattyrowe 🙂 I find it a little upsetting to constantly talk about my issues, and find it much more helpful with my physical and mental issues to think less and find solutions to problems quicker in my life, even when things seem impossible. My meds have helped make this change in my need to be in a constant upset state possible, so I’m making progress! Of course I will probably stop by and have a rant here and there, but not anything regularly, because things are going really great, and I find people aren’t really interested in reading about happy people lol! So Yes, I’m still a mother, friend, I love and I suffer from Fibromyalgia, but I’m headed to the better side of life, and I FUCKING DESERVE IT! Yep, that’s right!

ImageI danced at a wedding in March – Man what a difference a few years makes!

Yeah, I’m cute LOL and I’ve gained a ton of weight, so F-U if you don’t like it!


Atheist Etiquette

atheist_churchWhether you’re an atheist or a Christian or some other sort of religious believer, there’s a good chance that one day you’ll find yourself in a church or other house of worship with traditions you don’t understand, surrounded by people whose beliefs you don’t share.

That’s especially true at weddings, baptisms, etc., where it’s likely there will be friends and extended family who don’t attend the same church (if they attend any at all). So don’t sweat it too much if you find yourself in such a situation. Even if you’re the only atheist there, you’re not the only fish out of water.

Different churches have different routines. There are sedate churches where the most you have to do is bow your head a few times, or (if you’re feeling ambitious) say some words (or move your lips). Then there are churches that practically give you an aerobic workout —…

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