A few days ago marked my first 100 days on low-dose naltrexone and I’m happy to report that this endorphin therapy has boosted my central nervous system to a near normal state.  I no longer feel depressed (without an anti-depressant) I feel HAPPY! I’m having some issues with my legs still but now that I’m not a freaking basket case I can address those.  Who would have thought that an old drug used for addiction would put my life back together physically and mentally. I feel so fortunate that I found this only 8 months after my official diagnosis, what if I had NEVER found it? I shudder to think of what my non-life would be like. It hurts that I’ve lost friends, lost time, lost a bit of my life to Fibromyalgia, but in other ways, if you look hard, this has given me my life back better and lovelier than before. Life is all how you look at it, and LIFE IS GOOD~ 🙂

Until there is a cure: LDN is the next best thing 🙂