I’ve been through a hell of a lot in my life, divorced parents at age 5, alcoholic father, chronically ill mother, I lived with grandparents, uncles and aunts, father and step mother, etc. I lived my teenage years in a poor neighborhood with my mother, got into sex, (had 3 abortions) drugs, and abusive boyfriends at age 15, no parental guidance, got pregnant (had my first child) at 21, unmarried, my husband (and father of 2 of my children) is an ex drug user, I had an affair at age 26 which resulted in a child, (this part deleted due to privacy issues) so I haven’t lived any kind of fairytale life. Then I’m cruisin’ along, happy, good job, new car, great kids, husband I actually think is gonna make it for the long haul and BAM… Seizures, migraines, myoclonus, hysterectomy, FIBROMYALGIA/CFS, life fuckin’ sucks for the most part ya know? Could I be diagnosed with PTSD… Probably? My mom is dx’d with it. I personally (and this is my opinion) think its a crutch diagnosis. If you saw war, a murder, something truly traumatic, I believe in that meriting a dx. I don’t however think its a diagnosis for people who have had crappy lives. I think its a cop out. I’m not asking anyone to agree with me, or judge me, as I don’t judge you. I just think when a person is ready to be happy, you’ll find a way to do that, and if you aren’t… You wont. Wow. (That was some good venting)

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