It looks like I havn’t been here in nearly 2 weeks! Ive missed you WordPress 🙂 Update on Literati with my mother… I WON A GAME! LOL I figured out that the key to “possibly” winning is not to take the morning dose of Lyrica. It makes me all dopey and in la-la land! Thats my story anyway, and I’m sticking to it.

As for what else has been going on well, a lot has really. John was on vacation for a week, we stayed home and did absolutely nothing. My son went to California to visit his GF and her family, he had a great time and probably wants to move soon. My old BF was in the hospital for a week, he’s back home now. Thank goodness. I was and am still worried about him. It seems he’s lost his will to succeed, and as everyone knows, thats a shit-hole place to be. Im really doing my best to help him want to go on and be all he can be… oh wait he’s already done that 🙂 The Army!  Seriously though, I really care about him and hope he gets well soon.  Have I told my husband that I’m talking to an old boyfriend? Umm, NO. Why bring all that past baggage up, we have enough problems without that issue to deal with. Do I feel wrong about it? Umm, NO. I guess I should but I really dont.

As for my Fibromyalgia, it seems to have leveled out a bit. I’m 30 today on the PFRS (Pain, Fatigue, Rating Scale) a “0” is no pain or fatigue, and a “50” is the worst pain, so I’m relatively in the middle, toward the top with my symptoms. I have been a 40, so I’ll take a 30 anyday. I’d prefer a 5, LOL. We will see.

Speaking of PFRS and Fibromyalgia, I have a doctor appt. on May 4th, with my Rheumatologist. I plan on bringing him some research work I’ve done on LDN. Also known as Low Dose Naltrexone. Its a drug if used at 50mg, helps heroin, and alcoholics stop receiving pleasure from their addictions. At 4.5mg (LDN) it helps the brain release endorphins and raises energy and lowers pain. If my doctor wont write me a script for it, I plan on finding a doctor who will. Its my body, and my daily discomfort, and MY LIFE and the quality of it thats at stake, and the stakes are too high not to try this remarkable drug.

I promise I’ll try my hardest (lol) to do a daily blog again… OH one more thing, I put 200+ songs on my new BlackBerry 9700, and OMG, thats the best phone/mp3/camera/internet browser in a gadget Ive ever owned. AMAZING!

and Life Is Still Good….

Patty 🙂