This is a game I’ve loved to play for the last decade.  I’ve played with online friends, real friends, and my mom! I havent played since 2008 and decided to tackle it again to battle my cognitive difficulties due to Fibromyalgia. Yesterday, LOL, i doubled up on my Lyrica because my legs had those “shooting pains” that feel like hot pokers are being shoved in my hips and thighs. Anyway, I was pretty loopy and lost 3 long games to my 62-year-old mom! She reminded me that age isn’t a handicap, but a … whats the word…shit. Well anyway, were playing again today and she’s kicked my butt twice, but the score was WAY closer so far. I had forgotten how much strategy it takes for correct letter placement and remembering what words the computer will allow. I play on Yahoo Games using Amish Donkey backdoor site, (which is a great thing)! I also love to play online backgammon against the computer…which always rolls double sixes to win LOL!

I used to spend my time immersed in other peoples drama, friends, family, and I find that I’m just better off if I deal with my own “inner drama”, you know, the crap you think about that you never tell anyone about, inner dialogue. It’s so much easier to deal with myself without sorting through all the clutter which used to be my life.

Well, I’m feeling pretty decent today which is nice. I plan on enjoying this mundane day to the fullest and life is good!