Recently I found an old boyfriend on Myspace, he was my bf when I was 18 and 19. We chatted on Myspace chat first then exchanged phone numbers and we had a nice talk yesterday. He reminded me about who I was back then, to him and myself. It sparked many things about myself that I had forgotton, or chose to have forgotton how my now husband treated me like shit, for whatever reason doesnt really matter. He reminded me how well he had treated me, and that when I left him for my now husband how devastated he was. I never knew that he felt that way, or maybe I knew and put it out of my head. I dont really remember how it had ended but speaking to him again was nice.

The reason Im blogging about this is because its just so strange how the miniscule choices we make as teens and young adults send our lives in directions that seem right at the time but may not be. We dont have magic 8 balls to show us what will happen if we do this or that but it would be nice if we did. He brought out emotions in myself I thought were long gone and unnecessary.

My old flame is having life issues right now and hes geting ready to take a fork in the road that he hopes will be the right one, and of course I hope he’s happy in any endeavour he takes. It also reminded me how carefully I should be guiding my own teens in the beginning of their adult lives, something I’m trying very hard to do, and isnt always welcome (ha).

So what Ive gotton out of this is that although we make the best choices with the information we have at the time, life takes us where were meant to go and although the grass isnt always greener on the other side, its nice to visit the freshly mowed grass occasionally.