I’m sitting here totally appauled about the death threats, terror, and violence against Democrats that voted for Healthcare. What is wrong with these fundamentalist extremists…. the same people who are “Pro-Life”, duh, whats the deal? Why are they angry?  Because so many more people in our country will be healthier, and therefore happier? Angry because the rich in this country will finally pay their FAIR SHARE. Bad form is what comes to mind. Glen Beck. Whats his problem? Progressivism is the way of the world now. We arent living in 1837. This is 2010 and the conservatives in this country need to get with it, be pro-life for all human beings, not just babies in the womb. I just dont understand why change is so frightening to conservatives. Change is the only thing in the world you CAN count on. So I suggest all you conservatives get with the program. (on the phone with  my mom) More later!