This is my first post to my blog, and I’m rather excited about it! I’ll be posting an entry daily either on my PC, or from my Blackberry on days I’m not up to sitting in an upright position. I’m sitting in my livingroom in South Alabama listening to CNN and hoping Healthcare Reform will benefit my family. It’s great that my children will be able to stay on our plan until age 26, it takes almost that long to get situated in a career, settled with a mate and so on, so I do like that feature. I just visited and you can check state by state how the reform will affect you. Very interesting. (BREAK)

I just ate the leftover Kraft Macaroni & Cheese my daughter made, not very healthy, but filling. Because I’m not working, things are slim here some weeks, we have food but nothing convenient and microwavable to eat. I guess that ok…It means sometimes I grab an orange instead of Doritos!

I also wanted to further mention things that make me, ME: I’m a Liberal Democrat, an Atheist, Middle Class,Wife, Mother, Sister, Daughter, Friend, Animal Lover, Dreamer, and Thinker. I am so many things that adjectives can’t express. I do hope to find the words needed to talk about all the things that excite me, interest me, disgust me and enthrall me. Of course some days…Honey Nut Cheerios may be exciting, LOL!

Life is good, Patty